The Well-Known Trademarks Project, which was carried out under the INTA-MOST memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed on March 24, 2015.
The project aims to research, evaluate, collect and synthesize information and opinions from multiple corporates, industrial property agencies and groups of private enterprises on problems of implementing current Vietnamese lawful regulations in regard with the recognition, protection and enforcement of rights as to well-known trademarks, thereby building bases and establishments to amend and supplement inappropriate lawful regulations and addressing problems and improving effectiveness of protection and enforcement of rights to well-known trademarks in Vietnam.
As a result of the project, “The Research Report on well-known trademarks in Vietnam” (attached is the Appendix of List of well-known/widely used assessed trademarks) is expected as useful references for the authorities in the protection and enforcement of rights as to well-known trademarks, contributing to the making amendments to Vietnamese Intellectual Property Law under integration requirements.
Heretofore, there have been eight (08) companies, whose trademarks are officially registered as samples for the researches, including: VINAMILK, BMW, IKEA, NIKE, VINACAFE, PHAM & ASSOCIATES, MINH PHU and PETROLIMEX - represented and supported by INVESTIP.
Till now, 02 conferences were successfully held in Hanoi and HCM cities, received positive feedback from the INTA, the business community, the media and the public who are interested in Vietnam. In the operating framework of The project, Coordinating Board plan to hold further 02 conferences (01 conference in Da Nang in September 2016, 1 conference in Hanoi in or about December 2016) and 01 Talk-show / Announcement of The project report in or about March 2017.
Currently, together with 07 other companies, PETROLIMEX - in support of INVESTIP, are actively and expeditiously coordinating with experts - independent researchers of The project and Coordinating Board to prepare for the conference which is planned to take place on September 23, 2016 in Da Nang with the participation of experts, business representatives, businessman, media, press, representatives of specialized agencies, IPR enforcement agencies of Vietnam and the expert group from INTA.