Online patent registration – A wholly online public service being tested at the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam

After a period of implementation from 2017 to 2022, the filing system for the registration of industrial property through the online public service portal has demonstrated numerous advantages and brought convenience to applicants. However, for some reasons, since the beginning of 2023, the system has experienced disruptions, causing quite inconvenience for applicants. After many efforts, on 15 November 2023, the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam (IPVN) announced the testing of a new online application receiving system for patent applications. This new system was built independently to replace the previous one.

Compared to the previous system, where the digitization of administrative procedures constituted only a partial solution, with applicants still required to go directly to the IPVN to complete the payment of fees and charges so that the application would be received with an official filing number, the new system simplifies the process through online banking. In particular, applicants no longer need to go to the IPVN physically but will upload the payment vouchers to the system for confirmation, upon the payment is confirmed, the IPVN will officially issue the filing number for the application on the same day. In addition, in contrast to the previous system, which limited the digitization of administrative procedures to online reception and application number issuance, the new system aims to include all procedures in the processing progress of the applications, and applicants can monitor the entire process through this system. However, currently, the application of the new online filing system is only being tested for patent applications, while procedures for trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications, and other industrial property objects are still being developed for official use in the future.

In the ongoing effort to develop and improve online public service systems, active utilization and user feedback are crucial for system refinement. Accordingly, the Ministry of Finance issued Circular 63/2023/TT-BTC dated 15 November 2023, supplementing regulations on fees to encourage the use of online public services. Specifically, in the field of industrial property, Circular 63/2023/TT-BTC has provided a 50% reduction in fees for online industrial property procedures compared to the current level specified in Circular 263/2016/TT-BTC. This fee reduction will be effective from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2025. This policy is expected to encourage applicants to actively use the online filing system even more.

Despite being in the testing phase, the new system is expected to create favorable conditions for applicants to file applications and proactively track the application processing progress.

By Nguyen Thi Le Na and Ngo Khanh Linh

Patent Department