Intellectual Property


  • Trademark searching;
  • Advice on possibility of registration and use of Trademarks;
  • Registration and prosecution of Trademarks, Certification marks and Collective marks;
  • Modification and assignment of Trademark applications;
  • Opposition, appeal and invalidation of Trademark Registration;
  • Renewal of Trademark Registration;
  • Modification and Recordal of changes concerning Trademark Registration Certificates;
  • Assignment and License agreements;
  • Management of Trademark portfolios for clients.

Patents and Utility Solutions

  • Patent searching;
  • Providing advice on possibility of registration of Patents;
  • Applying for Patent applications;
  • Drafting specification of Patents;
  • Advising to apply for international Patent under PCT Patent Cooperation Treaty;
  • Proceeding with opposition, appeal of Patents;
  • Proceeding with cancellation and invalidation of Patents;
  • Patent annuities;
  • Handling of Patent infringements;
  • Litigation and settlement of Patent rights disputes;
  • Patent licensing.

Industrial designs

  • Industrial Designs searching;
  • Providing advice on possibility of registration of Industrial Designs;
  • Applying for Industrial Designs applications;
  • Proceeding with opposition, appeal, cancellation of Industrial Designs;
  • Renewal of validity of Industrial Designs;
  • Proceeding with the recordal of changes concerning Industrial Designs.

Copyrights and Related Rights

  • Advice on documents, procedures and time required for the registration of Copyright;
  • Advising and classifying the subjects of copyright registration to meet the requirements of clients;
  • Preparing registration documents; providing clients with the most suitable and newest forms;
  • On behalf of the clients to submit registration documents, receive and respond to appraisal, pay fees and charges at the Copyright Office;
  • On behalf of the clients to follow-up the processing of records;
  • Supplementing or correcting documents by the request of the expert who handle the case (if any);
  • Receiving the Copyright Registration Certificate and hand over to the clients;
  • Making complaint about the refusal to issue the certificate (if any);
  • Advice on handling of Copyright infringement on registered works (if any).

Litigation and enforcement of Intellectual Property rights

  • Advising and drafting Trademark complaints, including international registration complaints in Vietnam;
  • Composing letters of recommendation, responding to recommendations;
  • Market Investigation, reporting and coordinating to handle IPRs’ infringements;
  • Preparing documents for Trademark inspection, customs supervision registration documents, infringements settlement documents;
  • Following the case, updating the status periodically to report to clients;
  • Subscribing to the gazette, internet, market and other information sources for reporting, offering objection, and offering related services;
  • Advice on contents and issues which are not directly related to Intellectual Property such as: acquisition/assignment of commercial franchised domain names, bailiffs, consulting contracts, technology transfer…;
  • Developing Intellectual Property projects with localities.


Investment and Business Consultancy

On the way of serving, INVESTIP has been redefining the standard of excellence in the field of Investment and Business Consultancy. We aim to help investors to identify and prioritize their investment objectives and to help them relate these objectives into meaningful investment strategies. Our services will be of a great help, and a continual inducement for all those who see Vietnam as their rich investment destination.

  • Market surveys, research analysis and supply of information on industries or products in Vietnam;
  • Advice on Technology Transfer;
  • Legal advice on Law on Investment, Law on Enterprises, Law on Technology Transfer, Land Law, Law on Construction, Labor Code, Tender Laws;
  • Provision of licensing services for Certificate (or License) of new investment project, new enterprise, new branch, or representative office; adjustment of Investment and/or Business License;
  • Bid service with preparation of Tender Documents and assistance in tendering process for machinery and equipment supply or purchases;
  • Identification of and introduction to potential opportunities, projects and partners;
  • Building up promotion strategies for Trademark, including legal advice and advice on Trademark promotion;
  • Advice on contract contents, supporting the negotiation of commercial contracts (BC, BCC, BOT…); Franchise contract;
  • Documents translation (including specialized documents in economic, technical…).

Forming and Developing Project

INVESTIP takes charge of projects of the national program in supporting development of Enterprises’ Intellectual Properties with the objectives of raising Vietnamese Enterprises’ awareness and competitiveness in international and domestic market through support in terms of creation, exploitation, protection and development of their intellectual properties. Our Project Division’s services are divided:

  • Taking charge of the projects on building, managing and developing Collective Marks; Certification Marks and Geographical Indications;
  • Building strategy on brand development of products;
  • Implementing communication programs to introduce and disseminate knowledge related to the field of intellectual property and brand development;
  • Organizing training programs on Intellectual Property;
  • Developing and implementing the themes, projects and initiatives in the fields of technology science and social science.