Filing requirements




  • Full name, address, and nationality of the applicant(s);
  • Description of goods/services;
  • Filing date, application number and country of the basic application(s), if convention priority is claimed;
  • Colors to be claimed for registration, if any;
  • Transliteration, pronunciation and meaning of the mark where it is not of Latin origin.
  • A Power of Attorney simply signed by the applicant(s). Notarization or legislation is not required. The copy of the duly signed POA is accepted provided that the original must be submitted within one (1) month from the filing date.
  • 07 specimens per mark within the size of 80 mm x 80 mm, word mark or mark in black and white may be prepared at our end if you send us a specimen (in case of colored marks, we need specimens by post or in electronic format)
    • For a three-dimensional trademark, the trademark samples must be accompanied by a photograph or picture showing its perspective image and may be accompanied by a descriptive model in the form of a projection;
    • For an sound mark, the trademark sample must be a .MP3 digital audio file of no more than 3 MB and a sound graphic, in particular, represented by 5-line music staff;
    • For trademarks with color protection requirements, the trademark sample must be presented in the specified protected colors. If there are no color protection requirements, the trademark sample must be presented in black and white.
  • A certified copy of the priority documents (if any). This document can be filed within three (3) month from the filing date. However, it is recommended to make the submission thereof within one (01) month as from the filing date to avoid office action and accelerate the examination as well.
1. Formality examination

After 01 - 03 months from the filing date, if the application fulfils the requirements of formality, it will be accepted as a legitimate one

2. Publication

Within 02 months from the signing date of Decision on Legitimate Acceptance, the application shall be published on Industrial Property Official Gazette.

3. Substantive examination

This stage in practice takes 15-20 months from the date of publication. In this stage, the application shall be examined as to substance in order to evaluate eligibility for protection in respect of protection requirements. If the application is considered to meet the protection requirement, it will be granted a Certificate of registration.

2. Granting registration certificate

2 - 4 months from the date of payment of registration fees.