Tan Phuoc District receives the certificate of trademark protection for “Tân Phước Pineapple Candy”

On November 29th 2022, the People’s Committee of Tân Phước district in collaboration with INVESTIP Industrial Property Joint Stock Company held a conference in which announce the results of building, granting the right to use and suggesting plans to develop the “Tân Phước Pineapple Candy” trademark.

Implementing the decision  2722/QĐ-UBND on September 13th 2017 of Tiền Giang province People’s Committee on promulgating a science and technology program to support enterprises to enhance their competitiveness during the period of 2017-2020.

On December 21st 2020, Department of Science and Technology of Tiền Giang province in collaboration with Intellectual Property Company INVESTIP carried out the topic: “Building, managing and developing  the “Tân Phước Pineapple Candy” trademark for the Tân Phước Pineapple Candy of Tiền Giang province” with the following key objectives: building the entire trademark identity for Tân Phước pineapple candy; successfully register the trademark of Tân Phước Pineapple Candy; building the management and trademark developing documents for Tân Phước Pineapple Candy.

On October 25th 2022, the Intellectual Porperty Office of Viet Nam granted a trademark certification no. 442948 for “Tân Phước Pineapple Candy”.

The collective trademark building for Tân Phước Pineapple Candy aims to facilitate production households in enhancing product value, affirming the product reputation, creditablity and quality across the market which contributes to the conservation and promotion of traditional crafts of the district.

Some photos at the of the conference:

Tân Phước District receives the trademark for “Tân Phước Pineapple Candy”

Tân Phước District receives the trademark for “Tân Phước Pineapple Candy”

Display and presentation area of “Tân Phước Pineapple Candy”