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The representative office of IPVN in Da Nang city stops directly consulting and receiving applications due to COVID-19 pandemic

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Due to the developing COVID-19 situation, the Intellectual property office of Vietnam (IPVN) has recently issued Notification No. 7355/TB-SHTT on the stop to directly receive applications in the IPVN’s representative office in Da Nang city as from 23 July 2021. Specifically:

– The representative office does not receive paper applications/documents directly. Applicants/IP agents have to submit the same through postal services.

– Applicants/IP agents may file applications online, and then, send the confirmation note of online submission to the representative office, normally by post, to receive an official filing receipt. Only some kinds of applications can be filed online.

– Communications from the IPVN such as office actions will be sent to applicants/IP agents by postal services.

– Consulting activities on intellectual property in general and on procedures for filing industrial property applications in particular can only be performed through phone or email.

The procedure is applied until a further notification is issued.

Nguyen Huyen Trang and Nguyen Thi Le Na

Patent Department – INVESTIP IP LAW FIRM