Updates on Myanmar Trademark Law 2020

Soft Opening Period

Further to the Newsletter No. 01 and 02, please be advised that though it is estimated that the official Notice for opening the soft opening period is 30 January 2020, up to now no Notice has been issued yet. The TM2 form will be produced together with notification of Myanmar Trademark Office for implementation of Soft Opening. We will further provide you TM2 Form for the client’s execution when it is officially issued.


For the time being, the client is still possible to file new mark(s) under current old system. Accordingly, we highly recommend that it should be proceeded as soon as possible as the Notice will soon to be issued. Once the official Notice is issued, the new system will allow only previously registered trademarks to be re-filed within six (6) months since the opening date on a first to file principle. Therefore, during this period, no new trademark will be received for registration.

It was also disclosed that the new system will allow multi-class applications to be filed under a same mark.

Attached is updated forms for filing a new mark which have not been previously registered under the old system.

Right now the implementation team is working with the Ministry of Commerce to create the plans to put everything in place so that the Notification can be issued. We are still closely following up this matter and will keep you updated on any developments thereof in due time.

Should you need further information on protecting your marks in Myanmar, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,