World Intellectual Property Day 2022 honors youth-led innovation and creativity

The theme of World Intellectual Property Day on April 26, 2022 is “IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future.”

The role of young generation in innovation

Young people represent a boundless source of creativity but little effort has been made to bring into full play their fresh perspectives, overflowing energy, curiosity, and undaunted spirit. The younger generation always aspires to a better future and works relentlessly to make it a reality.

Young people are innovators, creators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Through their creativity and ingenuity, young people around the world have been exploring new and promising pathways. World Intellectual Property Day 2022 honors this exciting generation of change-makers.

Responding to World Intellectual Property Day 2022

Let’s look into the role of intellectual property (IP) rights in encouraging innovation and creativity, and more specifically, how IP rights can assist the young generation in creating a better future.

World Intellectual Property Day 2022 offers an opportunity for young people to receive the necessary support from the IP system to help them transform their ideas into reality, generate income, create jobs, and make a positive impact on the world. Through this campaign, young people can gain a better understanding of how IP rights – including trademarks, industrial designs, copyright, patents, plant varieties, geographical indications, trade secrets, and more – can aid them to realize their ambitions.

Accordingly, young people, wherever your ambitions lie (the arts, science, or technology), an innovative and creative mindset backed up with IP rights tends to enable you to make a difference. So, join this year’s World Intellectual Property Day campaign and find out what IP can do for you.

For policymakers, let’s motivate and listen to the ideas and aspirations of young inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs, and develop policies and programs that lend a helping hand to their innovation endeavors.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, World Intellectual Property Day 2022 is going to be a hybrid campaign online and offline.

Spread the message of World Intellectual Property Day 2022 for a better future!